Video/Educational Assistant Coordinator

Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintain and continue to develop video training program for the COC-WBB in collaboration with Blue Zebra Sports Website.
  • Produce, edit, script and upload, on website, educational videos of plays from member institutions’ games.
  • Work with and utilize video delivery and film exchange programs, e.g. EzXchange, Game Tape Exchange, Synergy, DVSport/Galaxy, to locate a multitude of video clips that can depict specific teaching points for officials, coaches and observers.
  • Serve as primary writer for all video clips and apply in depth understanding of current NCAA Rules and NCAA Officiating Mechanics.
  • Assist Coordinator in conducting individual teleconferences with selected officials to breakdown video clips, discuss and train using interactive technology. Officials will submit written breakdown prior to each call. These clips will come from games identified by the following: a. COC-WBB Coordinator and her assistants b. Coaches Reports and or video clips submitted c. Observers Reports d. Officials video clips
  • Review and analyze video clips submitted by coaches and officials and provide a written breakdown of each play with a follow up phone contact if needed. This feedback will be conducted within a reasonable time period with an initial contact made within 24 hours.
  • Assistant coordinator will assist Coordinator to make sure all COC-WBB institutions are seen at least once a year.
  • Attend selected Conference Tournaments/Championships as needed.
  • Conduct on site verbal and written evaluation of officials during season and at selected conference tournaments as directed by the COC-WBB coordinator.
  • Complete Officials Performance Assessment document every other year.
  • Assist coordinator in the review of evaluative data, provided by coaches, observers, staff reports and observations to complete each official’s performance assessment.
  • Attend Spring Conference meetings as needed.

Coummincation Skills/ Advanced computer/video skills/ Knowledge of WBB rules and mechanics/ Able to travel/ Writing and communication skills


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